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Phangowrap is the original form of local application of heat. It is applied in the form of heat wrap on the designated place. Phangowrap is prepared by mixing sea mud (Posidonia slate) with pure hard paraffin and paraffin oil. It is the most considerate local thermal load of the organism. The temperature of the plates at the time of application is between 49 - 51 °C. Phangowrap classically isn't washed down with water but after expiration of an action time it finely peels off the skin. At first heat is absorbed by skin which leads to increased blood circulation and later heat is transferred into the deeper structures of the body where it causes an increased blood flow and the relaxation of the soft tissues.

These wraps are recommended during pain of the musculoskeletal system or as a pre-heating before massage or manual techniques. Paraffin wax contains collagen, vitamins, whitening extract, prevents the formation of wrinkles, smoothes the skin and has a curative effect. Paraffin wrap not only helps to relaxation and reduction of pain in the musculoskeletal system but also has a beneficial effect on the entire body. You will feel the relaxation. The effect is fast and comes with a high and immediate cosmetic effect - skin is soft and smooth. Paraffin wraps act as so-called sauna which uses gradual transfer of dry heat from paraffin for deep heating that causes reaction of thermoregulatory type. Thereby it improves blood circulation in the treated place and thereby it causes stimulation of regeneration of the tissue, relaxation of muscle spasms and acceleration of metabolism. Sea mud also has high content of minerals needed for nutrition and health of the skin.

Ozone wrap

Ozone is a substance which has a strong stimulating effect on all cells of the human body. Among the many effects is particularly important effect on the skin and subcutis - the suppression and prevention of cellulite, smoothing of stretch marks and small veins, skin erosions and exertion of skin; as well as its effect on the stimulation of the metabolism in the body, regeneration and relaxation. To enhance its effect it is performed simultaneously with anti-cellulite massage.

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