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The principle of electrotherapy is a stimulation of nerves and muscles with alternating electrical current of different frequencies and waveforms.

Träbert currents

(duration - 15 minutes)

Low-frequency pulse currents which have a significant analgesic effect are used after injury and during spinal pain. They are suitable for degenerative diseases of the small and large joints, chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases affecting the joints and for alleviating neural and muscle pain.


(duration - 30 minutes)

Treatment of pulse magnetic field has very good results which include: healing, support of metabolism, reduction of edema, anti-inflammatory effect during chronic and acute inflammation, dilation of blood vessels in the applied area within a few minutes and reduction or complete elimination of pain.


(duration 5-8 minutes)

During the application of ultrasound we are using electric energy of high frequency currents converted to mechanical energy and heat. Ultrasound works as a micro massage and heats the tissue with subsequent release of muscle spasms, improves blood circulation and restores mobility of soft tissues.


Impact of this treatment is the painkilling, anti-inflammatory, antiedematous and bio-stimulating effect. The indication range is wide: post-traumatic problems, distortion, rupture of tissues, swellings, rheumatic infliction, inflammation of the tendons, muscles, etc., neurological infliction such as neuralgia including herpetic etiology, degenerative joint disability, dental problems / periodontitis, herpes labialis, stomatitis aphthosa etc., treatment of scars, orthopedic or gynecological problems, etc. 

Interferential currents

(duration - 15 minutes)

There is an interference of two medium frequency currents within the tissue. They affect the circulation of the affected area, improve the nutrition of that area, causes muscles to relax and reduce pain. It affects directly the muscles, nerves and the metabolism of the cells. Interferential currents are more often applied during chronic processes. The indications are mainly chronic inflammatory and degenerative musculoskeletal diseases, diseases of the muscles, tendons and gravity vesicles, fractures and other bone diseases, bruises, sprains of the joints, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, back pains, neuralgia, neuritis, vascular diseases, conditions after gynecological inflammations.

TENS (transcutaneous nerve stimulation)

(duration - 15 minutes)

This method is based on the observation that conduction of painful sensations and pain perception can be mitigated and even suppressed by irritation of nerve fibers at different levels of the neural system. These methods affect pain and relieve muscle spasms and stiffness. During the actual electrical irritation occurs in the brain tissue secretion of endorphin (opiate that alleviate pain). It is used to treat a variety of painful conditions such as pain in the spine, joints and tendons, headaches, post-traumatic pain of musculoskeletal system, phantom pain (pain after amputation of a limb) and others.

Diadynamic currents

(duration - 6 minutes)

They have primarily analgesic affects. The intensity is selected according to subjective patient tolerance. This treatment increases blood circulation in the affected area and relaxes muscles. It is used in a number of painful conditions. Main indications represent posttraumatic conditions (bruising and muscle strain, sprain joints, etc..), musculoskeletal diseases (spinal pain, cervicocranial and cervicobrachial syndrome, arthritis), neuralgia, neuritis and disorders of blood circulation.

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