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Kick scooter rental

For easier tours in the region you can also find here the hotel's kick scooter rental in which we rent Czech kick scooters of brand Kostka.

Rental price

Rental period 1-3 hours200,- CZK / kick scooter
Rental period 1-5 hours250,- CZK / kick scooter
Rental period whole day (24 hours)500,- CZK / kick scooter

The rental is only for hotel guests. Another rental period can be arranged individually and you are required to agree on that before renting of kick scooter. Kick scooter can be booked in person, by phone or through the Internet. We always lend a helmet with all kick scooters for free.

Types of kick scooters

Kostka HILL 3 - 6 pieces

Kick scooter KOSTKA HILL 3 is based on a number of innovations that quite significantly affect driveability, comfort and speed of the rider. The biggest innovation is the new concept of frame where the main changes include a new angle of frame tube, new angle of front fork and change of the angle of the rear fork including connection to footboard. The basis of frame is founded in innovative narrower concept. With all these changes kick scooter is more passable when cornering, especially during fast rides. During development the emphasis was on the optimum frame rigidity for perfect rider comfort. The result of all these changes is reach of an exceptional driving characteristics which positively affects the speed of the kick scooter.

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Kostka TOUR 3 - 6 pieces

Kick scooter KOSTKA TOUR 3 belongs amongst sports kick scooters suitable for all ages. With its driving characteristics this model is literally predestined for tourist trips even on unpaved roads. 26 inch front wheel increases passability through terrain so the kick scooter TOUR 3 feels very well in moderate terrain and even in gravel and forest roads. Advantages of perfect ride comfort, will rider appreciate especially on longer trips. Kick scooter KOSTKA TOUR 3 is equipped with high quality treads Schwalbe Marathon Racer and brakes Shimano Alivio. High braking efficiency is ensured by precise machining of bearing surfaces of bicameral rim. Specially developed rims are more impact resistant, have high rigidity and long life.

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Kostka UNI 2 - 4 pieces

Kick scooter for the whole family. Extended rear area which serves as the fender with integrated rear light.

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