Spa Resort Lednice v Lednici hodnocení
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Gift vouchers

Give a wonderful experience. Give a stay in Spa Resort **** Lednice ! If you are trying to think up a suitable gift and you can't think up anything original and extraordinary, give a spa stay in spa Lednice. Gift Voucher is a suitable gift for any occasion.

Part of the transformation of the hotel was a change of menu. Discover our new specialties in a beautiful setting close to the park.

Examples of occasions when you can give voucher

  • Present for birthday, name day or just out of love
  • Anniversary celebration
  • A gift to the newlyweds
  • Valentine gift - a romantic weekend on Valentine's Day
  • Christmas gift under the tree
  • A gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day
  • Gift for health, rest and relaxation

... and many other opportunities