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Physiotherapy is a branch of medical activities focused on prevention, diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques that can improve physical function of muscles and joints to the maximum possible physiological range of motion. It is able to solve and accelerate the healing process of the musculoskeletal system and eliminate pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. The selection of methods depends on the physical therapist examination which is called kinesiological analysis.

Medical gymnastics (individual)

Method for the treatment of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system using anatomical and physiological knowledge. Therapy is compiled individually according to kinesiology analysis, detailed anamnesis and client needs. These are different types of therapeutic physical education and special methodology suitable for children from 6 years old, adults and seniors (balance exercises, exercises according to muscle imbalances, exercise with different tools, automobilization, training of exercises for a healthy back, etc.).

Reflexive therapy

Therapeutic intervention on body surface is made primarily through way of neural connections in the selected reflex arcs. Therefore place of intervention is not the primary diseased tissue or organ. Similar changes that are on the skin can be found also in the subcutaneous tissue, the muscle fascia, the muscle tissue and the periosteum (the therapy is applied in small and large sets - back, isthmus, pelvic, thoracic). Reflexive therapy is applied during irritation of the body surface which comes from the distant diseased tissues or organs through the way of common segmental innervation. Basically it is part of a complex treatment process and if indicated, it is not good to wait with its start. Generally the sooner you will start to perform it the faster the beneficial effect comes. The principle of early start and persistent application of reflexive therapy is absolutely true for chronic stages of the disease.

Exercise SM system

Exercises for spine by MUDr. Richard Smíšek were created by combining the knowledge of medicine and sport and is proven by 30-year experience. This way was successfully developed highly efficient motion program which uses the unique discovery of the "spiral stabilization of the spine." It's about connection of stabilizing muscles in the whole body at once during the process of optimally coordinated movement. This creates dynamic stabilization musculature. Motion program uses in each exercise all of the important elements at once: strengthening, stabilization, stretching, relaxation, coordination, balance training. Exercise aligns the spine to the middle line and stretches it up.

This creates a highly efficient regeneration of intervertebral discs after sedentary job or a hard sport. The exercises are easy to learn. It uses a natural human movement coordination during normal walking and running. Exercise are modified according to the demands of different ability groups (students and youth, athletes, middle age, seniors, complex program for moms - preparation for pregnancy, exercise during pregnancy, return of fitness after giving birth). We recommend to complete exercise SM system at least 5 times for the period of 5 weeks for the inclusion of new movement patterns in everyday life.

Treatment and prevention of:
  • prolapse of intervertebral disc
  • scoliosis
  • difficulties after failed spinal surgery - FB syndrome
  • disability of intervertebral discs at more levels
  • spondylolisthesis
  • spinal stenosis
  • arthrosis of the hip joint

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